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Find out what business consultancy is and how it can help you

 When there is a sector, product, service or segment that is not achieving the desired results, many organizations rely on business consultancy.

Find out what business consultancy is and how it can help you

Bringing in an outside perspective could be what your business needs to achieve that goal. But, even though you’ve already heard about the subject, you may have doubts: what is business consultancy? What can it do for my company?

Those who already know what business consultancy is tend to think that it is a high-cost service or even something superfluous. On the contrary: consultancy appears precisely to lift your company out of stagnation and help it achieve its goals.

In this post, we will learn more about business consultancy and what it can do for your company. Check out:

What is business consultancy?

Business consultancy is a service provided by companies or specialized professionals to offer a diagnosis of where your company is and what to do to achieve a certain objective. It could be about:

  • a certain sector of your company, which cannot move forward even with the change of employees;
  • a product that did not achieve the expected results on the market;
  • a service that, even though it is aligned with the target audience, cannot reach it;
  • marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • business image .

Finally, you can get business consultancy for different aspects of your business — these are just a few examples. The service is a way for your company to reinvent itself through a specialized and impartial vision .

What are the main types of business consultancy?

In addition to knowing what business consultancy is, it is important to know the types of consultancy that exist.

Although you can receive different types of consultancy, there are 4 main ones. Look:

  • Business management consultancy: has an overview of your business. In this type of service, the consultant identifies opportunities for growth and improvements in the strategic plan;
  • Finance consultancy: through a strategic financial plan, the consultant creates actions to organize, plan and control the activities of this segment;
  • Marketing consultancy: the consultant will carry out a diagnosis to find out why your sales are not reaching the desired goals. It is also useful for gaining visibility and repositioning the brand in its segment;
  • Human resources consultancy: in this case, the consultancy will help you understand the demands of your employees and put into practice activities necessary for a good organizational climate.

How can business consultancy help in the development of the company?

Now that you know what business consultancy is and what types of consultancy it is, discover the advantages it can provide for your business:

It’s an investment

Business consultancy can bring profits in the medium and long term, therefore it is an investment for your company.
In a time of crisis, the first thing managers think about doing is cutting costs , right? So why invest in yet another service?

Business consultancy is different because it is not an expense, but an investment . In short: it can provide an excellent return on investment for your business. The service can even help by pointing out which costs should be cut or inserted for the development of your company.

The service is tailored to your needs

Business consulting is not a standard service. You won’t receive the same set of guidelines as your competitor. This is because all the work is done based not just on your service, but on your numbers and what you want to achieve.

Therefore, before putting consultancy into practice, it is important that you clearly understand what business consultancy is and have your objective well defined.

It is a work with a beginning, middle and end

The consultancy provides all the necessary support for planning and the goals set. This way, you will have help throughout the implementation of the strategic plan , whatever the objective may be — this, of course, within a schedule, with determined deadlines for measuring results.

An impartial look

As the consultant is a professional from outside your company, he will be able to carry out more “cold” analyses, that is, neutral. Because he’s not running for office (or trying to keep his), he’s able to see his business through without letting emotion influence him. Although the idea is to take your company to another level, he believes: the consultant will not invent numbers to please you.

Suggestions, not orders

No business consultant is going to decide what you should or shouldn’t do with your company. What it does is make suggestions about improvements based on data and analysis . Therefore, you will not delegate your authority, but rather rely on specialized advisors.

Furthermore, when measuring results you can make changes according to the results you observed. At all times, consultancy is an autonomous service and, as a result, you do not feel “managed” by anyone.

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