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How corporate events can increase business growth

 Does your company usually invest in corporate events ? In different formats, they significantly influence business growth. There are different types of formats, and each one is tailored to what you want. A lecture, for example, can increase internal productivity, while a conference can transform your business into a reference in the segment.

How corporate events can increase business growth

Regardless of your goals, corporate events will help you achieve them . This is because you can talk to the internal public, potential customers, distributors and even other companies.

Want to learn more about how they can accelerate business growth? Check it all out in this post!

How do corporate events optimize business growth?

Corporate events can expand your contacts and increase business growth.
See how lectures, workshops and other events make all the difference in a company’s strategies:

Germ networking

Events increase business growth because they put your business in contact with people from different sectors who may be interested in your type of work. At trade shows, you deal with the public and various companies that are also advertising. In workshops, for example, you come into contact with the most important professionals in the market.

Motivate employees in milder times

After periods of intense work and earnings, it is normal for the season to be low — after all, people are paying their bills and stabilizing their savings. For companies, this is a time of falling earnings and, consequently, production.

In general, corporate events encourage employees. If it is aimed at an internal audience, such as a lecture or an internal workshop, it may be an opportunity to occupy free time with something productive and outside the employee’s routine.

Furthermore, it is a way to raise your self-esteem, as you will be learning something that will be useful in your routine. A motivated professional is a key factor for business growth.

Transform the company into authority

When one of your company’s professionals gives a talk or participates in a conference, they act as a spokesperson for your business. Therefore, when it does well, your entire company solidifies.

And this advantage happens both inside and outside the company. For example: if a manager gives an excellent workshop, internal professionals will work more motivated and respect leadership even more, as they will realize that they are led by someone who understands their segment.

In forums and conferences, presence is a chance for business growth and solidifying the company’s image in the minds of participants. Therefore, it is essential that the professional who will represent your company is very prepared.

What are the main types of corporate events?

Events can be of different types and in many formats, each one to meet a need.
We have already talked in more detail about the  most common types of corporate events in companies, but let’s summarize here:

  • Lecture : it is smaller in size and aimed at those who want to achieve a very specific objective within the company. For example, raising awareness about types of harassment in the company, aligning a department or talking about mental health at work;
  • Forum: here, discussions are promoted by the audience and mediated by a moderator. The good thing is that this event format can also be done online, this way, it is possible to create relationships with other companies, which can lead to great business growth.
  • Workshop: this is training that can be done with both internal and external audiences, but ideally the number of participants should be small. It works like a workshop or training, in which participants learn and put it into practice, as previously stated, it is an excellent opportunity for business growth;
  • Conference: is a broader corporate event, aimed at a wide number of participants and spectators. The conference leader is usually an authority on the subject covered. So that the audience can express themselves, the event also has a mediator;
  • Fair: external event with the participation of several companies. This is the time when you promote your product or service to potential customers and, as a bonus, you can establish partnerships with other organizations, which can help you grow your company.

However, there are other types of events that you can also adopt in your company:

  • Launch event: to launch a product or service from your company onto the market;
  • Symposium: meeting with speakers to debate a current topic. The public also participates;
  • Convention: events with professionals (both internal and external) with the aim of stimulating strategies and guidelines for new businesses;
  • Congress: meeting with several experts debating on a specific subject;
  • Gymkhana: event in which employees divide into groups and compete with each other to win a prize.

Corporate events stimulate business growth both within the environment and in the job market. They deal with different audiences and can be done in various formats.

The human resources sector, for example, can study which event will be most successful among the internal public, while the marketing team helps to understand the format that the market demands  and which has the most to do with your company’s positioning .

As you have seen, a corporate event stimulates business growth in several ways. But for this to happen, it needs to be well constructed, have experts, and that, in the end, the participating public leaves in a different way than when they entered. It must bring something new and really relevant to your audience. So no matter the format — you need to invest.

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